Various roach for sale

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    14 nov 2012
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    I have variation of roaches for sale.

    Blaberidae spec. Kenya +50 all size, 10 euro ( really good feeder roach for sling and juvie )

    Elliptorhina chopardi haven't calculate but more than 60~100 all sizes, 15 euro ( dwarf hissing roach, also nice feeder )

    Panchlora spec. " Northern Costa Rica " 20~40 all size, 5 euro ( small and beautiful green species )

    Nauphoeta cinerea around 60~100 all size, 5 euro. ( soft body, good feeder roach )

    Available collect at Den haag, Delft or post. No Hamm or other fair.

    I am sure the amount of roaches are bigger than I described due to difficult to calculate every single species :smile:

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